Describe your influences Personal life experiences. Reaching a high level of conciseness, people who are fuckin’ determined and creatively talented. COLOUR & LIFE.

What does the future of fashion look like? Squish and boredom of high fashion domination. A new definition for ‘fashion’,,,..Needed ! I am extremely optimistic that the future of fashion will involve a lot of crazy multi disciplinary collaborations, becoming smarter, more innovative, more about thought than about product. I believe fashion has a dramatic impact on the world, fashion designers/ artist can use this power to tailor a more open, free thinking brighter world for humans to exist, beyond the clothing we wear.

Best moment of the MA? Super form presentation YR 1. Having the balls to get naked, pour paint all over myself and entangled my body between 3000 meters of green trimming line in front of an audience. This moment set my mind, body and soul free and was a blast off to my practice throughout the RCA.

What’s next? Developing my practice focusing on movement and sportswear innovation. Working in an environment that has the technology and finances for me to reach the full potential of my ideas. Thinking body, skin, movement. Dripping in neon gunge, traveling the world, making, creating and sharing energy.