Describe your influences My influences come from every day life. Every day experiences. I make things in response to needs I have. The needs I have are created and curated by the people around me. From the beach to bush and back again.

What does the future of fashion look like? I think the future of fashion will alter to include and address a more educated consumer. The mutual respect between the individual and industry will allow for a more sustainable and innovative system that will step away from the circular and repetitive place we are in now.

Best moment of the MA? Living. Eating. Drinking here. Crying and smiling here. I came to do an MA to be better at what I do. I hoped I would make London my home in the process but I didn’t expect to find my family at the Royal.

What’s next? I’m looking to be working for someone. Knitwear is a smart way to design. It is a way of making that can minimize waste through fully fashioning and by maximizing stretch generate pieces that can be gender-less and size-less.