Describe your influences Neo tribalism and how it occurs in my surroundings. Informed by being from Iceland where being in nature and drinking culture are the main activities. By observing my social environment, through my people, I use that observation to inform my garments. Looking at graphic codes from my pictures that I had taken, for my diary of my friends and everything in my landscape. Deriving from the idea of the football shirt where people will talk to each other on the basis that they are wearing the same shirt of the team that you support. We are dressing more and more comfortably which is very obvious in my social surroundings. The garments are made specific to their shape and according to the landscape/environment they belong to or came from. Using the following Energies that exist within my group, 1. Future, investigating the next step. 2. The SUB-OPTIMAL Energy which is the highs and the lows of, for example, going out then walking home in the same way, how walking up a mountain and reaching the top compares. 3. Pure Energy the nature/landscape and Colours. 4. Ghost Energy which suggests respect for what has happened before.

What does the future of fashion look like? Becoming more comfortable by the influence of sportswear.

Best moment of the MA? Late nights in the studio and Artbar!

What’s next? Real Life & Fantasy.