Describe your influences Within my collection, I was inspired by critical design methodology and also Anthony Dunne’s book , which aims to create designs for a preferable future. My own aesthetic is inspired by 80s futuristic films, and the technology they created during that era. By exploring how technology influences people's life, the centre of my concept is creating a speculative object (the feeding machine) which aims to highlight a social problem, particularly phone addiction, at the same time, one of the goals is to execute it in an unexpected and quirky way, to make people feel absurd and entertained.

What does the future of fashion look like? I think in the future fashion will not exist by itself, as it will hybridize with other industries. The customers will care more about the utility of future fashion, which might not necessarily be “wearable clothes”, it might be a chip or contact lenses…

Best moment of the MA? The Mirror Mirror Presentation. That’s the point when I found myself.

What’s next? I see myself working at the studio named ‘’Aubruino’’ along with people with the same mindset of being open to any creative project without being limited to a specific area of practice. I want to create a collective of talented artists, engineers and IT specialists to bring to life the most challenging projects.