Describe your influences My work revolves around creating material and techniques that capture the agency of the wearers body. I am materializing the unique relationship we have with our clothes by embracing and celebrating the human touch. My garments should be treasured objects that become a diary of our everyday life manifested in marks.

What does the future of fashion look like? I hope to see more people collecting and investing in garments, and moving away from seasonal trends. I think it’s important, as consumers, that we start to really appreciate the ideas and craft that sit behind the clothes we wear everyday. Our garments should be transformative in a way that they hold memories and traces of our lives.

Best moment of the MA? I feel privileged to be part of a studio where there are so many great people and facilities. This has really allowed me to develop a method of working that I feel would influence my work many years from now. The MA has made me secure, confident and excited about what I do.

What’s next? I feel like there are lots of different ways to go from here. Developing print and textiles is an important part of my work, and I want to explore this further - whether that’s freelance or within a studio. I also want to keep developing my own work with the intention of starting my own thing in the future.