Describe your influences My younger brother is in the military and I also have other close family members who have chosen this route. This has grounded me in many ways to understand and research into the role of masculinity today through various outlets and forms of communication. I am very alive to my surroundings - my experiences and those of others have definitely helped shape and influence my design process. My body of work is a result of codes, symbols, very much focusing on a restrictive uniform and of identity. Boy and Man. Single and within a group. My work is corporeal, human. A documentation of my personal perspicacity through curation of video, sound, garments, which accumulatively bring the hazed and complexities of life to a still precious juncture. A common thread running and racing through our bodies like a live wire, igniting with every person we meet and everything we touch.

What does the future of fashion look like? Innovative construction methods. Using new materials and not being restricted by processes we have known for so long. It’s really about pushing Fashion forward in every sense. Communities. In a post truth era it is really imperative we use the resources around us and acknowledge the people who bring us up. This year throughout my collection, I investigated radio frequency welding. The electromagnetic current permanently bonds the fabric layers together using no heat, glue or stitch. This so far has only been used to construct details and is often hidden. In my work I have exposed this process through my garments, and after much sampling and problem solving!

Best moment of the MA? Not so much a ’moment’ - but the experience of being able to really have the liberty and resources to build a strong and rigorous language. Each of us on the MA is so individual in our approach that it means our worlds become very powerful entities in their own right. The fact that it allows us to do this is the best ‘experience’ I could ask for.

What’s next? I work very instinctively and I’m very thorough - I will also continue my own practice when finishing at the RCA, no matter what happens! I want to work at an exciting design house with a history and an archive - within a team that really challenges what Menswear is. My work translates across lots of different platforms and crosses into areas outside of the classic fashion system so I am open to opportunities that might arise.