Describe your influences My influences are a combination of physical and virtual women growing up. Kim Betts who played ‘Lightning’ on the television series ‘Gladiators’ became a major influence in both my life and work. From the virtual realm I was fascinated by a character called Nina Williams from the video game ‘Tekken’. I wanted my collection to be a celebration of bringing these women onto an equal platform where fixation and highlights are represented in new and manmade materials. The draped parts represent the organic, flesh and blood women while the heavily technical aspects echo the technological women in my life. Each of these characters are unique however they share one interest and that is their natural gravitation to danger.

What does the future of fashion look like? To me the future of fashion is worn by my woman. My woman stands on the borderline of visual stimulation and danger while contributing to longevity and substance. Aware of commanding attention without speaking, walking to a pounding rhythm in her head no one else hears, it is almost impossible for her to not gain interest in the now and in the future. My woman stands elevated with the intention of looking fast but the reality of my future fashion and my future woman is the time spent on the whole package.

Best moment of the MA? Doing a front flip in heels as part of a presentation. Pretty normal actually.

What’s next? My intended plan is to become my own boss, that is my ultimate desire. I would like to work for a brand to gain as much insight and absorb all that I can. I think it would be a good way to challenge myself in an already existing fashion system to decide if it’s worth to move forward to plan A or to keep stagnant but grow with plan B.