Describe your influences I am highly influenced by technology, engineering, materials, especially challenging material, materials that are out side of the vocabulary of fashion and working on the materials to produce new possibilities.

What does the future of fashion look like? There is no future if everyone is just producing clothes; I mean there’s more than enough of them already. Despite the amount of fashion graduates ever year, the collections from fashion houses and designers every season are going at a ridiculously high pace. Do we really need that?

Future, how far away? In 30 or 50 years later? I feel Biotechnology would overtake, scientists and engineers would become the fashion designers or maybe in reverse. It would come to a stage where body and garment starts to interact with each other. The garment would be able to adapt to the needs of the body and become self-aware of it surroundings, changing and evolving to suit the need of the wearer.

Best moment of the MA? When the technician says, “I don’t think this is possible, but we can try.”

What’s next? I have developed piles of samples and ideas which will allow me to carry on developing for the next ten years and applying those ideas and techniques I have gained in different fields such as product design, architecture, interior and furniture.