Describe your influences The past is the present and the past is the future. Eddy is a project archiving menswear dress in the name of affection. A summer on Sark, the tiny island situated in the English Channel. This strange idyll that is Sark is poised to embrace democracy, and an ancient way of life may disappear for ever. An island of affection and memory. Stories half remembered, elaborated and endlessly retold. Reaching the realms previously only glimpsed from photographs. Moments that have drifted ashore in our seas of time. Working under six working title; raised surfaces and ghost, stitch, examine emblematic details, a trace of ownership, a trace of memory. Yet still an absence, showing how these ghosts of the past will still determine the future. Clothes that inhabit reality and memory. Clothes that evoke recollections of young men on English terrain.

What does the future of fashion look like? It’s all going to revolve around continual multi-disciplinary collaboration. New systems, new voices. No longer to be viewed by the public as a transient pursuit.

Best moment of the MA? The people, the freedom, the mistakes & the challenging days. The luxury of time to truly understand and create a system of working which is sustainable for all of us personally. Gaining the confidence to edit.

What’s next? Strive to gain experience within a fashion studio, gallery, museum or editorial context. To continue my project on a personal order based way - by inviting men and women to share their emblematic garments and memories. To continue these conversations through & transform these stories into original denim pieces.