Describe your influences I’ve always been interested in clothing as a form of identification and the authenticity seen in subcultures and style tribes. I describe my work as Documentary Fashion and for this collection I reflected my experiences of Northern youth culture and took inspiration from nostalgic photographs to explore stages of youth maturity and escapism through the underground rave scene.

What does the future of fashion look like? I would love to see the new generation of designers to develop a means for us to continue our creative output within likeminded collectives. Collaborations and skill exchanges encourage a new form of currency that would remove some financial obstacles that can limit our future.

Best moment of the MA? Receiving the Kaihara denim sponsorship! I received premium Japanese selvedge denim in a variety of weights, ranging from 13.75oz to 23.25oz. Laundering and distressing (bleaching, dyeing, drilling, grating, washing, fraying) played a part in my design process to reflect the processes clothing goes through when worn, particularly at a rave!

What’s next? I have plans for knitwear consultancy with Liam Hodges for AW18, and I hope to run a production of the MANCHESTER tees from my collection. I aim to get into the streetwear industry within my interests of graphics, knitwear and denim. I’d love to work for Off-White, Iceberg, KTZ, Palace…