Describe your influences Colonialism provides boundless fascination as a concept which ceaselessly works in pursuit of empty dominance. This inspires me to find the commonalities shared through the shapes and patterns within the Eastern world, and trying to find a different vision of visual and cultural harmony, beyond the hyperbolic banality of western appropriation.

What does the future of fashion look like? An inevitable collapse of unsustainable demand for excess will come to a halt within all states of consciousness. Within my lifetime, there will most likely be a revert back to a system where creativity will flourish only within regional restrictions - where value and ingenuity will come back to the hand, resources have to be used from what exists and the cognisant appreciation of the well-made may become a widespread concept again.

Best moment of the MA? The week where I learned of my dissertation result and received a major gift in the form of an external donation to the department. The magpie opportunist and obsessive nerd in me were ecstatic. I was able to pick up and use a lot of materials and wool which I would have never been able to afford in that quantity for collection. It was also nice to know that my studious efforts paid off.

What’s next? Post studies at the Royal College of Art, I have an internship with a small hand knit brand based in London, with pattern and sample development. If all goes well, I may be able to become an integral member as a head designer of the brand. Within a longer time, scale, I would like to apply my savvy of hand craft to other firms where such small/medium scale production methods are appreciated.