Describe your influences For me, the quality of make begins with the material itself. Leather being literally a skin gives a material quality unlike any other. The magic of leather and its potential for patina stems from the fact that every skin is unique. It is a capricious material whose material metamorphosis always brings surprises. Therein lies the alchemy – I am never totally in charge of its transformation and this determines the outcome of each shoe. Through engaging with the leather and playing with ‘patina’ I have encased hand painted leathers, moments and memories, in patent finishes. I am interested in the subtleties of making where minute collaborations can shift the classic shapes into a new realm. I aim to make shoes that have casual elegance - shoes that give the wearer grounding.

What does the future of fashion look like? Taking influence from my background in bespoke shoemaking – observing the inter - action between customer and maker; there is a focus on quality over quantity. Within this world there is a deeper engagement with the process of make, material and longevity. This is at the core of how I produce my work and I believe we need to make room for it for the future of fashion. I aim to open up a kind of artisanal engagement with the materiality of our products. I believe there is more room for products that have longevity. I want to make shoes that mould to you over time, garments that begin to echo you, which in turn gives the wearer a comfort, familiarity and individual connection.

Best moment of the MA? There has not been one best moment of my MA but more a series of moments through meeting so many exceptional people and building connections that have formed me into the designer I am now.

What’s next? I want to continue working with and experimenting with the potential of leather…