Describe your influences The core of what drives my work is my curiosity about the visual interactions between the surrounding environment and ways of seeing. Where I live, where I visit and where I experience space is the core source of my inspiration. The eye is a visual tool to embody the many sources such as lighting of nature, depth of space, shadows and reflection of light. Feeling the spirit of these places is playful. Also, as a key source of space design, I used methods of optical illusion. The technologies and methodologies to apply optical illusion to fashion design are limitless.

What does the future of fashion look like? Fashion can be a medium that arouses individual memories of space. It is like a picture taken while travelling, which is left behind in your memory of space. I see this as a personal embodiment of creating space by individual perspective, which is unique. In the same context, if fashion can be viewed as an object in the whole landscape, then fashion can be a subject of formative studies from different points of view, like the arts.

Best moment of the MA? The materialization of my work as I envisioned. Compiling all the practices of work in my collection and building up a landscape including body are best moments to me. This will be a milestone to approach to next stop.

What’s next? Building an environment around a garment is what I want to continue in my future work. This perspective is at the core of my work and I want to join a fashion curation team where I can bring my practice. Also open to joining an intimate company that is not only working in fashion but also across art exhibition and diverse fields.