What does the future of fashion look like? We are on the brink of a paradigm shift in terms of the way fashion is designed, manufactured and sold – one that will usurp the ready-to-wear mass produced culture currently in place. This movement will be much more grassroots and empowering to smaller manufacturers. I believe the collision of technology and a resurgence of craft – a desire for personalised items and the human touch – will lead to new manufacturing systems based around networked cottage industries.

Best moment of the MA? The highlight of my MA has without question been the opportunities given for travel and the incredible creatives and industry people that I have been exposed to. The door that the RCA has opened for me already has been astonishing and I am excited for the future that the RCA has prepared me for.

What’s next? In the immediate future I would like to get a job as an accessories designer at a major fashion house. I have found I really enjoy working with fashion designers as I like the way footwear interacts with a complete look. During this time I would like to continue doing private commissions (I have come from a bespoke footwear background) on the side. My long-term goal is to launch a highly creative footwear label with a new manufacturing model. One that takes the spirit and uniqueness of bespoke, the convenience of ready to wear and utilises all the advancements of modem technology whilst also celebrating the power and beauty of the handmade.