Describe your influences From taking photos of myself wrapped in a tent to making a soft, hanging sculpture that I recorded fellow students moving in. My work is born from the performance of making itself, observing and using the results of these performances to spark design ideas.

What does the future of fashion look like? I see the future of fashion as a more collaborative process. I think design houses will work increasingly with designers and artists from different disciplines in order to find new, more efficient ways of production and sustainable materials.

Best moment of the MA? Having the opportunity to work in a lively studio alongside talented, enthusiastic designers and specialist technicians. A trip to Pitti Filati in Florence last summer with the other knitwear students was also a particular highlight.

What’s next? I want to take my research and knowledge of knit and methods of joining it to woven fabric to a design house or sportswear brand. Another dream is that I will one day start a design agency with my sister, Claire, who is currently studying architecture. A fashion-architecture hybrid agency?!