Describe your influences My influences come from real experience - an experience that I feel needs to be spoken of and formed into an expression. In this collection are my voice and the voice of many other women in my country. It describes the feeling of being a women in Iran today (after the Islamic revolution in 1979). I was inspired by the art works of Shitin Neshat, Dr. Azade Fatehrad and an Iranian movie called Khandahar.

What does the future of fashion look like? I see the future of fashion in the most diverse and dynamic era where there are no boundaries between fashion, art and science. Fashion has got a lot of potential and it is great that we are exploring it.

Best moment of the MA? When you work hard and are not sure if you are doing good or bad and then you present the work and receive good feedback. It makes you feel proud that all the hard work, research and experimentation has paid off which makes you smile after a while.

What’s next? The next chapter of my journey will be to continue my studies and research - I am up for the next challenge.