Describe your influences My work is influenced by emerging approaches to femininity as viewed from the perspective of contemporary digital technology. This manifests in my work through romantic and classically feminine silhouettes created via experimental and innovative technologies.

What does the future of fashion look like? I see fashion returning to its origins, interrogating its methods, and adopting new, interdisciplinary tools and systems, with an intense focus on digital construction and innovation in material sciences.

Best moment of the MA? During my first year interim exam with Zowie, I was having doubts about my practice. Out of nowhere she asked me, “what is beautiful to you?” This question prompted a really serious rethink of my practice, and I return to it often to keep myself focussed and grounded.

What’s next? The Next is unknown, which is surprising, beautiful, and exciting. I will definitely continue my own practice and keep pursuing my own ideals, searching for new forms and representations of femininity.