Describe your influences Personal encoding system that exclusively occurs deep in the senses. And learning varieties of these from others including different kinds of personal senses and thought - reflections and stored knowledge that disturb our understanding, which leads distortion between individuals.

What does the future of fashion look like? A life and harmony - fashion is about a life and communication - varied fashion/individuals are becoming appreciated by different generations. Everyone may own exquisite harmony in their life and fashion, which will enrich our intellect synergistically.

Best moment of the MA? When I meet lucky failures/happenings. During the process so many creations come not in the form as initially expected and cause disappointment - although such failure often brings more ideas – learning, material and discovery then growth.

What’s next? I would like to lean more about different kinds of existence for improving my thoughts and would like to connect people with my creation. My work will be given a life when it is worn, it is not only for viewing - I would like to learn how other people use/wear my pieces/creations.