Describe your influences The dynamics to human interaction and how this translates in personality is prominent in my practice. I utilise this interest to investigate the relationship between wearer and their clothing habits, creating the archetypes of the ordinary routine. This allows me to appreciate tradition and classic line, whilst celebrating the ritual of routine.

What does the future of fashion look like? As I don’t hold the definitive answer, here is my proposal. I approach my work with err, celebrate the not quite there, I believe fashion can embrace this with optimism and not be afraid. It is a case of answering to the why, with the why not.

Best moment of the MA? The opportunity to work in such a creative environment has been a luxury and has allowed to me to expand my knowledge and perfect my practice. It is a privileged to have been exposed a new perspective of fashion; I am very lucky.

What’s next? Staying motivated and maintaining trust in my practice.