Describe your influences My work revolves around a fascination with the way that graphics and colour react on the body with movement. I’m interested in camouflage, disruptive patterns and visual trickery. I’ve explored this through a series of live experiments using light, paint and textiles on the body in combination with experimental photography. These experiments inspired further exploration of fabric innovation, and resulted in my development of a kinetic textile which reacts and responds to body movement. I believe in the importance of understanding and appreciating the relationship between textile and garment, with the harmony between the two allowing for every piece to be completely unique to its purpose. The relationship between garment and wearer creates a distinct yet transitory reaction with every movement.

What does the future of fashion look like? That’s a tough question. Fashion depends so much on personal associations that the future will look different to different people. In general though I would love to see the industry slow down and focus more on creating well-considered, beautifully crafted garments. I think that is more valuable than just concentrating on volume. I am also excited by the prospect of a more collaborative approach to design. A collaboration of ideas from science and technology, as well as from the arts, means that there are no limits to what we can create and how we can engage people.

Best moment of the MA? Following an abstract idea right through to fruition was amazing. I concentrated on fabric innovation and it was particularly exciting to develop a kinetic textile which reacts and responds to body movement. The development involved constant tests and many failures, but it was so satisfying to create unique, fully functioning, multi-faceted garments from design and engineering through to final conception and production.

What’s next? What excites me about this point in my life is that anything can happen. I’ve spent the last two years in a something of a bubble: concentrating solely on my own creative concepts. That was great, but now is the time to take my work into the real world and to see what kind of impact I can have. I would love to work for a company with the infrastructure and technological freedom to develop the ideas and designs that I have started to prototype.