Describe your influences My collection expresses the fascination I have with nature through ornamentation - I was influenced by an intense desire to infect sterile white spaces with nature - and to allow unrestrained beauty to rein in its full glory. My clothes are in a state of rewilding - I infect the clothes with rich colourful textiles, giving them life. I grow my embroideries over graphic and sculptural silhouettes to emphasize and contrast the organic and built landscape. I am influenced by the need to create work that is maximalist, which I express through complex layering, colour and an aesthetic that takes joy in abundance and opulence.

What does the future of fashion look like? I believe the future of fashion is a pulsating ecosystem where fashion, art and identity meet; where there is no centralised aesthetic, but a complex and extremely varied mixture of creativity, methods and ideologies; where collaboration, community and curiosity are the central pillars for growth.

Best moment of the MA? The best moment was a day early in our second year where every student created a space, installation or presentation in a day, to be experienced in 5 minutes. We experienced the enormous scope of ideas, and the potential in our forming work. We presented no garments, just ourselves distilled into a single drop of essence, and it was so exciting.

What’s next? I came to the RCA with a need to be challenged and realise who I am as a designer and person. Over the past 2 years I have achieved this, and now, as a confident and accomplished designer I am ready to be challenged again, and go into the industry to create beautiful, innovative work that combines fashion and textiles flawlessly and pushes boundaries.