Describe your influences Go to work in the studio, Come back to house and eat ready-meal pasta. This pattern as a repetitive frame was expanded towards my own interests in the objectification of every-day use objects. To me, the conditions of nowadays material reality is about functionalism. After looking back from my surroundings, I started from the frame of a ready-meal case. This generic frame is specific in its detail through a moulded system and labels. I wanted to show this as ordinary and reject a concentrated aesthetic of beauty. The garments are about Ease-to-use; they do not need be overly cared for because of it durable qualities. What do you mean?

What does the future of fashion look like? A less trend driven system that promotes individual tastes.

Best moment of the MA? The fruition of my ideas culminate in my work.

What’s next? I want to continue the idea of encapsulating an entire package in relation to the garment and it peripherals.