Describe your influences The concept of this project is about gravity, the forces of gravity and its influences on garments, on fabrics and on design itself. When I apply this concept onto my design processes, the feeling is like the gravity and materials told me what the best combination was. Sometimes, nature surpasses nurture.

What does the future of fashion look like? Technological developments will surely change most of things surrounding us, but one thing the AI or future technology cannot learn and intimate is the artists’ brain and ideas. The future of fashion will look ‘future’ or ‘hi-tech’, but the ‘future’ would only be built by designers from now.

Best moment of the MA? There was a presentation which was not about any projects, designs or works, not even about fashion. That was about seeking your own identities. I had looked into myself very deeply and had found some of me which I had never seen before. That was the best moment.

What’s next? As an enthusiast of fabrics and knitwear, mixing different materials and develop new fabrics are part of my hobby now. In the next stage of my career, I would like to continue doing what I like and what I want to do.