Describe your influences Muxin, John Cage, Einstein, Fluxus art movement, Techno, Ryoji Ikeda, Stoll Machine, Tensile structure, Issey Miyake, Andre Paul Guillaume Gide, Kon Satoshi, Yayoi Kusama.

What does the future of fashion look like? What does the other side of the wormhole look like? I am so curious about it.

Best moment of the MA? Every moment, looking into the mirror, my freshly finished HAT on top my head. Lift me up, light me up, warm me up. I could be entirely happy, and welcome the new member of my Hat crew.

What’s next? I have set up my company with my business partner. We are going to broaden the Hat crew to the world. This world needs hats. Because they are slogans, they are full of spirits, they are forever on the top. And of course, they are indeed cute! (forgive me, it is mega important for an Asian -w-)