Describe your influences Nepenthe: Something capable of causing oblivion of grief or suffering. My work is inspired by comfortable, tangible spaces and the control of balanced interaction between disparate materials. I explored methods of creating physical and emotional comfort through tactile processes and experimentation with material and form. I created a series of objects and a material archive, which intrigued, pleased and satisfied the consumer and sat in the fascinating space where something is unusual enough to intrigue but familiar enough to induce interaction. Emphasis is placed on visceral forms and surfaces which might intrigue the viewer, who is encouraged to interact with the garments .The alienation often found in luxury fashion is eliminated. A slower, more considered process is achieved with techniques that are easily commercialized and all garments are fully fashioned to encourage the appreciation of the materiality. I aim to avoid the over intellectualisation of the work to allow a more personal connection to the garments and therefore a nepenthean value.

What does the future of fashion look like? A less segregated and more consumer involved system with focus on innovation to reduce wastage. I believe the huge rise in collaborations across varied market levels will encourage a more exciting and varied view of what the industry can look like with knitwear being a huge driver for a more reactive and less wasteful industry. The increased investment in low cost machinery, particularly in knitwear, will allow smaller business to manufacture effectively and afford creatives a platform to develop more innovative and experimental processes to drive change. The ability to reduce waste so effectively and streamline processes with integral, fully-fashioned knitwear will be the catalyst for improvement in this area.

Best moment of the MA? The almost daily occurrence of being able to walk into any department and find an answer in a new medium, or a new opinion on a direction, and then being able to react immediately to this. Using the vast and varied knowledge base of the network around the University has broadened my understanding and developed my awareness of the possibilities in fashion and the creative industries.

What’s next? I hope to remain working alongside people that inspire me in any creative or technical field, working in a collaborative studio really drives and excites me and this is something I will pursue. I hope to continue to learn and develop through industry work and remain very open to new and challenging opportunities in a varied array of practices and mediums. My clothing is of the moment and wearable and although I hope to innovate in the industry I wish to do so on a very practical and commercial level.