Describe your influences My background is in costume design and I worked in the theatre industry for a couple of years. This has greatly affected the way I think. That’s why you can find some dramatic or strange elements in my designs.

Theatre is also fascinating to me because it mixes reality with fantasy. Surrealism also plays on this tension, which is why I am also influenced by surrealist artists.

What does the future of fashion look like? Fashion has become a way of communicating our personalities. The clothing we choose connects with both our emotions and the people we meet. In the future, I believe that fashion designers should design not just for the masses but also for individuals. Fashion will become more tailored to an individuals psychological needs and desires.

Best moment of the MA? I would say the best part in RCA is the amazing people you meet here. Especially when making our final project together in the studio. So stressful but exciting.

What’s next? In my collection, I used laminate marquetry to create my suitcase’s surface. I will continue to experiment with this technology and transform it into other forms. I also hope to gain more experience in accessory design in a large fashion house.